Why I Want YOU To Be Wealthy

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Zimbabwe 100 Trillion

Hyper-inflation is not new

I personally desire to be wealthy.  By this I mean well-being internal, external and financial. Insomuch as we live life in a wealthy way, we enrich our families, our communities, our nation and the whole world. Insofar as we collectively choose non-wealthy living, we lessen our life experience and the positive influence on those around us. I desire to be wealthy, and I want that for you too.

These things are important because as individuals, families, and communities decide to live a financially responsible life, the nation and the whole human family move in a more positive direction.

Our country is in deep financial trouble, and we’re digging deeper still.
Since the Second World War, the US has maintained a deficit spending budget. The only years where the clock seemed to go backward were those of the Clinton years when balanced budgets were in vogue. As our government is a representative government, we are responsible for this because we collectively keep voting in people who have no spending controls in them. Lasting change happens from the inside out which, in this case, means changing our personal habits and supporting (or becoming) representative government figures who responsibly fulfill their stewardships. Each US citizen represents a current debt balance of $45,883 (source:

This is not new, but we’re moving ever closer to “Too Late – Game Over”
Hyper inflation is something that we’ve not experienced in the US. I lived in Russia for a few years during the 1990’s and experienced the ravages of hyperinflation first-hand. One amazing comparison was that of an automobile and a toy car. Oleg, a Russian friend of mine, owned a car. His son was playing with a toy car. Oleg asked me how much I though his son’s toy car had cost. I guessed close to the right price in 1995 Russian Rubles. He said that he had spent that same amount on his automobile in 1992 Rubles. The damage here is obvious; those who saved money are punished. Retired people living on fixed income will be devastated. It’s not the end of the world, but it is a nation changing event.


It’s not through more wars or greater entitlements. We cannot spend our way into long term prosperity. While money must be available for growing businesses and therefore increasing consistent paying jobs, we individually and collectively must think, feel, and act responsibly with our finances.

In the Financial Happiness Project, we help people to map their own way to the goal of long term financial contentment. This means different things to different people and depends on where you are and what baggage you’re carrying around in your relationship with finances. Once you’re free of the baggage, you make your plan and move forward responsibly. The knowledge you gain and the plan you make will affect your financial life when entitlements fail and US citizens are once again responsible for their lives.

The wars we fight and the entitlements that governing representatives or Chief Executives push through to get re-elected are not helping the financial security of our country. It is a complex problem with surprisingly simple solutions, lessen spending and/or increase taxes. Those are the options open to us.

Individuals make a difference in that we influence those around us. This happens more through what we do than what we say. We carry the responsibility for our own life-journey. If we try to turn that responsibility over to someone else, we are still responsible for that decision. Choose to take your financial life back.

I hope you’ll follow along with us at the Financial Happiness Project and help us make lasting positive change in our nation and the world, one individual at a time.

Oh, and be sure to share you thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear what you think.

Dave Orton, Thought Provoker @ fHp

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Dave Orton values thought and action, he’s a Father who is committed to sharing with his family, friends and others the principles and insites that will bring fiscally responsible change to people and government in the US and around the world.  Dave earns his bread as a technology manager and loves reading, learning, public speaking, and writing.          ~If not you, then who?  If not now, then when?


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