A Man That Lost His Life’s Savings Inspired Me

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Matt Weinstein, a man that lost his life’s savings in Bernie’s Madaoff’s notorius scam inspired me today in his speech “What Bernie Madoff Couldn’t Steal From Me”

Well not the fact that he lost his life’s savings as much as his reaction to what happened.

I can certainly relate where financial events in my life were so impactful, it seriously affected me emotionally and mentally and I’m pretty sure they weren’t of the size and gravity of what occurred to Matt.  So, why did he have such a different reaction and why does it matter to you?

Click here to watch Matt’s response.   It’s a quick 8 ½ minutes.

Here is a man that otherwise could have gone off the deep end.  Let anger, resent and depression take hold but he didn’t.  He made a conscious CHOICE to see opportunity here.

A key ingredient that’s helped me more and more is doing the best I can to gain a fresh perspective on what happens to me.  I mean really, when considered logically, can I control what happens to me? NO! and massive stress has ensued when I thought I could versus placing attention on how I RESPOND.

The philosopher Epictetus said “People Are Not Disturbed By Things, But By The View They Take Of Them”.

If you’re willing, then test this for yourself.

When something occurs, do your best to focus on the reaction versus the event.  Yes, in the heat of the moment that may take a few deep breaths and reaching out to someone that cares.  I think you’re worth that.  And you better believe I care.

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Guest post by Thomas Mangum.  As founder of MastermindingNOW!, Thomas Mangum helps get people connected and businesses booked! Inspired by the simplicity & power of The Financial Happiness Project, he is helping the project connect online.


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