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Raise your hand if you’re happy with your personal finances. Is your hand up?

Hello and welcome to the Financial Happiness Project(fHp) blog. Our purpose with this blog and program is simple, help you become financially happy about your personal finances. In fact, it’s our mission to help 500 adults through our paid program while at the same time gifting the program for free to 500 teens.  You see, we don’t just want to help you improve your financial position. We want to prepare teenagers for their financial future so they won’t need our program as adults.

With this blog, it’s our goal to provide a place for you to gain awareness, knowledge, understanding, and resources that will help you build a solid financial foundation. You can expect to read articles and blog posts that focus on several topics related to your personal finances. We’ll be talking quite a bit about happiness. What creates happiness, how to achieve it financially, professionally, and personally. As well as, how closely it’s connect to your mindset and personal life experiences. We’ll be talking about the U.S. economy and the world economy and how you play a role in it no matter who you are and what you do.  We’ll also be sharing practical financial advice and strategies you can apply to your every day finances.  There will be a lot to learn and absorb here, but you won’t just be hearing from me.

You can expect to hear from and connect with several members of our fHp team including:

Greg Hartle, Chief Catalyst.  That’s me. I’ll be here on occasion to share my thoughts and to get your opinion. I’ll also be here to make sure you are getting the value and information you need. And, more importantly, to help make sure you’re getting the financial results you desire.  When you visit our website you’ll notice that one of our values is “Commitment to the people not the program.” This is incredibly important to me. I’m very passionate about this value. So passionate, I know our end objective as a business is to go out of business because if we do our job correctly you won’t need us any longer and the teenagers becoming young adults will have made intelligent financial decisions from the day they’re able to.

Jennifer, Ambassador of Joy. Jennifer will be here to share her experience as a former student of the program. She’ll also share her wisdom of what makes one happy and how to achieve it. Not only with your finances, but life in general. Jennifer is the queen of optimism and isn’t shy about sharing it. If you love life and enjoy being happy, you’ll love Jennifer’s posts. She’s a bundle of joy.
Thomas Mangum, Chief Connections Officer.  Thomas is here to make connections and make sure we here at fHp are always taking care our community.  I’ll tell you right now you can always expect to get 100% raw and unfiltered from Thomas. He’ll simply tell it like it is both to you and the fHp team. Which is what makes him so valuable. We’re only as good as our people and Thomas will be the first one to remind us all of that.
Dave Orton, Thought Provoker.  Dave is here to share is wisdom and experience as a program graduate, but his wisdom and knowledge go much further than that. He’ll be here to share with you our thoughts on the macro economy, government, world economics, and what we can do as individual citizens to make an impact. Dave won’t be shy in sharing his opinion and will expect nothing less from you. You’ll have fun bouncing ideas, thoughts, and strategies back-and-forth with Dave for sure.

Cletus Coffey.  Cletus has a depth and breadth of experience that matches with anyone. He’ll be here to share his thoughts on everything from financial mindset, to the impact of your health and fitness on your pocket book. He’ll provide perspective that will cause a paradigm shift. I know this because his thoughts always cause me to challenge my thoughts, beliefs, and ideas.  Get ready because he’ll bring it!

So, how are we different than any other company, website, or blog?  Well, two reasons: 1) We’re every day people who have formed a community to support each other. We’re not financial wizards, financial planners, gurus, or wealth advisors. Nor do we hold any other professional finance titles.  This allows us to share our experiences from our every day perspective without any outside influence. Now, make no mistake we are knowledgeable and experienced in the world of personal finance, but our knowledge and experience has come through first-hand handling of our own finances and the lessons learned.  2) We don’t believe in hype. We’re not here to tell you how to be “rich.”  We’re not going to market a bunch of stuff to you that will claim to solve all your money problems. We have one simple-to-implement program at one flat price. We don’t offer sales or special deals (more on why this is the case in future blog posts). And we believe in minimalism, both in our personal lives and on our blog. We’ll simply be straight up with you at all times.

It’s our intention to post a minimum of once a week and may increase frequency once we know what information you find valuable. We have no plans to simply write about what we want to write about. We want to be sure we write about what you want to read. Please always feel free to share your hopes, wishes, fears, dreams, thoughts, and even constructive criticism.

Of course, we would love for you to visit our blog often. To make this easy feel free to click here to subscribe via RSS feed.

Our website is  You can also find us on Facebook or Twitter.

Finally, we would be honored if you would share our blog with your friends and family. We want this to be a community where we all learn, grow, and support each other.

To your financial happiness,

Greg Hartle


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