Let’s Talk About Money

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Everyone has at least a homespun philosophy about money so let’s talk about it.

Some think money is good, some think it’s bad. Some treat it as nothing, some treat it as everything. Some love it, some hate it. Some hoard it, some give it away. Some display it, some hide it. Some risk it, some safeguard it. The list is endless and fruitless.

I never met a person who didn’t want money, but I know several who pretend not to want it. Some admit they want it, some deny it. Some want lots of it, some just enough to get by. Some are at ease with it, some are uncomfortable. Some feel guilty because they have it, some because they don’t. It brings out the best in some, and the worst in others. The list is endless and fruitless.

I never met a person who didn’t need money. Some admit they need it, some pretend they don’t. Some pursue it, some choose to be poor. Some work for it, some scheme for it. Some seek self-reliance, some choose welfare and charity. The list is endless and fruitless.

Money is a permanent fixture in daily life. It is foolish to deny this, for it is inseparable from what we wear, what we eat, how we travel, where we live, and much more. On the reality scale of 1 to 10, money is a 10. The freeways every morning and evening and the workplace all day long are like busy ant hills in search of money. It oftentimes has an impact on our daily rhythm, our personality, our attitude, our mood, our confidence, and our perception of self and others.

Philosophers have pondered the mystery of money for ages. Writers and poets have a field day with it. Money is praised and cursed, dreamed of and dreaded. It does good, and sometimes evil. It brings stability, often followed by instability. Some run deliriously toward it, and some frantically from it.

Money unites and divides. It transforms partners into enemies. It determines the fate of individuals, families, and nations at the stroke of a pen. It can bring temporary freedom, dependence, bondage, and independence all in the same transaction.

Some make money by working and some by playing. Some spend it with joy and some with sadness. Money invokes the whole range of human industry, potential, and emotion. The list is endless and fruitless.

When people talk about money, they’re not really talking about money. They’re talking about themselves. Listen carefully and you will learn nothing about money, but you will learn volumes about the speaker. 1) how he feels about himself; 2) how he feels about others; 3) how he feels about the rich and poor; 4) his view of life; 5) his personal guilt; and 6) his fear.

So, what’s your homespun philosophy about money? Share in the comments.

Greg Hartle, Chief Catalyst @ fHp

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Greg Hartle is  a life-long experimenter. He’s currently conducting a raw experiment in conscious capitalism called Ten Dollars and a Laptop.


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